Covenant Partnership with Joy Martin Ministries

I consider it such an honor and privilege that God has commissioned and charged me to serve Him and the people of God during this crucial time.

When you make a decision to partner with this ministry, you will experience a deeper love for the Word of God, you will experience life-changing messages about the love of the Father, and you will stand firm that Jesus Christ still heals today because He is the same, yesterday, today, & forever.

  As our ministry partner, you are committing to a monthly gift of support for the mission that God has given unto us & cover this ministry in prayer as God leads us how to impact this world for His Glory!

We are committed to our partners reaching their destiny through anointed prayer, TRANSFORMATIONal teaching, & partner connections. We pray for our partners daily & we know that the same anointing of divine favor & blessing that is on this ministry will flow to you & your household.

Prophetess Martin is looking for men & woman who want to partner with her to take the supernatural healing power of God to this generation by reaching one heart at a time.

Joy Martin Ministries count on faithful Covenant Partners like you to join us in doing the work of the Ministry. Subscribing to a covenant partnership will allow us to globally reach those that are in need of a loving Father and the Word of God. Will you consider becoming a Covenant Partner today? Your faithful giving is an expression of your love and commitment in advancing the Kingdom of God. When we give, we are making a declaration that I desire to give to be more like God. If you want to be a partaker in the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, prayerfully consider becoming a Covenant Partner with Joy Martin Ministries.

Covenant Partnership Subscription