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Welcome to the family of God!!! 

By accepting Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior in and over your life, you have made the most important decision you will ever make during your lifetime!!!  I would like to offer the following suggestions to help you grow in personal relationship with Jesus Christ!!!

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Find and commit to a good bible believing church that is preaching the unadulterated word of god. believes in jesus christ, and believes in the holy spirit.

spend time with other believers. it is important to develop friendships with other like minded people who can link arms with you and walk with you in this new chapter in your life. Spend time reading god's word daily.

if you do not have a bible, please submit your information below, due to the generous gifts of faithful #teamdominion members, a bible will be mailed to "u.S. Residents only".

please let us know that you just gave your life to christ and any prayer request that you have. #Teamdominion prayer warriors will interceded on your behalf. Feel free to leave a testimony that lead you to give your life to christ today.  

once again, welcome to the family of believers!!!

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