Prophet | Pastor | Apostle

                        Prophet | Pastor | Apostle

Pastor Joy Martin is the founder of Joy Martin Ministries and Team Dominion Ministries, which are online communities of Kingdom Believers “Church without Walls”. Within the first 8 months of Team Dominion’s inception, 21 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ! She is also the founder of Dominion School of the Prophets. Pastor Joy is also a Life Coach and an international best-selling author.

Prophetess Joy Martin was not raised in a Christian home; therefore, she truly knows Jesus Christ as her Redeemer! A self-proclaimed introvert who preferred to stay behind the scenes, but God had a totally different plan!

Prophetess Martin is not called to do ministry in a traditional way. She is very radical because it was in a radical way that she had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. She discovered that the Holy Spirit is real when He stepped in, intervened, and prevented her from taking somebody’s life due to a traumatic domestic violent occurrence! After that supernatural encounter, then true conversion took place in her heart!

Over the years, Prophetess Martin has spoken at churches, conferences, and women’s retreats; however, the most humbling and honorable experience was to preach at her grandmother’s funeral!! She considers it to be an honor and a privilege to be a servant and a mouthpiece for Jesus Christ in these last days.

Prophetess Joy Martin resides in Pennsylvania with her two sons, Trey & Joshua.